Emergency AC Repair

November 29, 2019
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Air conditioning malfunctions are fairly common, and discovering what is causing the disruption in your cooling system can be difficult. Reaching out to a reputable Avondale HVAC contractor for your AC repair can relieve some of the stress that air conditioning emergencies bring.

To correct problems with your air conditioning unit, make sure that your unit and thermostat have power first. Then ensure that the outdoor component’s and air handler’s switches haven’t been turned off. Check the settings on the thermostat. They should be set to cooling mode, and the temperature should be set lower than the home’s temperature. Additionally, clean your air filter if you notice clogging and airflow restriction to reduce stress on the AC unit.

Call Your HVAC Technician If . . .

  •  Your Air Conditioning System is Short Cycling – Your AC unit may turn off and on continually every few minutes. When it behaves like this, it is unable to finish a full cycle. This problem can be caused by a compressor or thermostat malfunction, and if the problem isn’t fixed in a timely manner, it can affect the longevity of your air conditioner, so you should consider contacting your HVAC technician as soon as you notice the problem.
  •  Your Air Conditioning System Crashes – An air conditioner crashing in the middle of the hottest months of the year is a thing of nightmares, but unfortunately, sometimes it happens in real life. If your AC unit crashes, check the circuit breaker and thermostat first, then search for a refrigerant leak, which can cause the unit to stall. A frozen evaporator coil, which prevents the air conditioner from removing heat from your home, may also be the culprit. You may not be able to determine what caused your air conditioner to stop working, so in this case, contact your air conditioning contractor promptly.
  •  You Hear Grinding Noises Coming from Your AC Unit – An insufficiently lubricated motor in the air handler can create a grinding noise in your air conditioner. If the noise persists and you do not correct the problem speedily, the motor could burn out, necessitating costly repairs. Grinding noises in your AC unit may also result from an overworked compressor or a loose fan belt.
  •  Your AC Unit is Experiencing Electrical Failure – Electrical failures are serious matters, so if the lights keep dimming when the AC unit activates, the air conditioning system is tripping, or you notice a burning smell emanating from your AC unit, contact your HVAC technician immediately. Don’t try to fix your AC unit yourself if you suspect that electrical problems are the source of its failure.

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