What Does Black Mold Look Like?

April 27, 2023
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what does black mold look like

Since all the air inside the house goes through air ducts, they need to be kept as clean as possible for the house to be clean and healthy. Of all the things that can make the air ducts unhealthy, mold, especially black mold is one of the most harmful. But due to their resemblance to a lot of other molds, knowing what black mold looks like can be difficult. 

So, what does black mold look like? Black is mainly a black-colored fungus that grows inside air ducts. They can be of various other colors as well, like brown, dark green, and even orange. They have a fuzzy texture, which can turn powdery if they are dried. When they occupy a lot of space, they can look like a black stain. 

Let’s see how you can identify black mold.

Identifying black mold 

black mold

Air ducts filter and supply air to the whole house, so it is a must that they are always kept clean. Otherwise, contaminants such as mold will grow in them, causing various health issues. Among all the species of mold that grow inside air ducts, black mold is one of the most harmful to the human body. But, what is black mold

Black mold is a dark-colored fungus species that, like all other mold species, reproduces by spreading spores. These molds can be black as their name suggests, but also other colors such as dark green, brown, orange, or even white. When they are spreading spores, this is when they can have white specs. 

Now, there are quite a few ways you can identify black mold in your home. These are: 

1. They are dark colored

dark colored black mold

As we have mentioned above, black mold looks like black or dark-colored patches. So, whenever you see any dark patches or stains on your walls, or near air vents, it is a telltale sign that your air ducts are infested with black mold. 

2. They have a fuzzy texture

Now you know what black mold looks like. But a lot of other molds have the same dark coloration. So, what is the difference between mold and black mold? Well, unlike most other dark-colored mold species, black mold has a fuzzy, and sometimes velvety texture. As they grow in moist areas, they also appear to be slimy or moist at times. 

When the mold grows, they are no longer seen as patches, and they start to take up more space. When that happens, they look like big, black stains. This is when you should hire a professional air duct cleaning service ASAP since the mold infestation has reached a critical point.

 We provide the best air duct cleaning service that will not only clean your ducts but will also repair all damages to prevent mold infestation from taking place in the future. 

3. They have a distinct smell

black mold distinct smell

Other than sight, you can also identify black mold by smell. These fungi have a moist or earthy smell, which is easily distinguishable. If you see dark patches on your walls and smell the aforementioned odors, you have black mold in your ducts. If you can smell them, but can’t see any mold, then they have just started to grow, and you need to nip them in the bud. 

There is a drawback to this identifying method, since sometimes you can get to accustomed to the smell of mold, and can’t differentiate their smell from other scents. If you are worried about having black mold in your home but can’t say for sure, you should bring a friend over and ask them to see if they can smell the mold. 

4. Health issues from black mold

Of all the ways you can find out about black mold in your air ducts, this one is the most unfortunate. Black mold is very toxic and can cause serious health issues in the inhabitants of your house, such as allergies. People with lower immunity systems are the ones that suffer the most from black mold health issues

So, if you see that you or your family members are getting sick and having allergic reactions without any apparent reason, then you might have black mold infesting your air ducts. As soon as the symptoms start to appear, you should book an air duct cleaning service to clean and repair your ducts. 

How to get rid of black mold?

get rid of black mold

Now that you know what black mold looks like and how you can identify them, you have to know how you can remove them. Although the work has to be done by professionals, if you have the basic know-how and the right tools, you can also get rid of black mold, especially if they are in the primary stage of their growth. 

Here is how to treat black mold

  • You should wear protective gear such as gloves, goggles, and PPE gear. 
  • You should seal the entire area so that the spores can’t escape. 
  • You have to scrub the mold off using a solution of dish soap and water.
  • After cleaning, throw out everything the mold has touched. 
  • Disinfect the mold-infested area using a diluted bleach solution. 
  • Open the whole room up to allow the toxic fumes to leave. 

Final Words

It is very natural for first-time victims to ask experts such as ourselves, “What does black mold look like?”. As soon as you identify black mold in your air ducts, you should hurry up and book an expert duct cleaning service ASAP to keep your home healthy. 


1. Can I clean black mold myself?

Yes, it is possible to clean black mold yourself. But if you don’t have the tools, nor the skills to do so, you should keep the cleaning for the experts. 

2. What can kill black mold instantly?

The most effective black mold killer is Hydrogen peroxide. This chemical kills black mold as well as its spores in seconds. 

3. How can I permanently get rid of black mold?

For permanently treating black mold, you have to ensure there is no moisture inside your air ducts. Get rid of the moisture, and you will stop mold from ever growing in the ducts.

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