6 Clear Signs Your Home’s Air Ducts Are Due for a Professional Cleaning

June 10, 2023
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signs you need air duct cleaning

Ever since it has become common knowledge that air ducts have a significant role in making a home cleaner and healthier, the demand for air duct cleaning services has gone up by a lot.

To be completely safe, you need to clean your air ducts on a regular;r basis. But there are a few signs that will tell you when to clean your air ducts, even if cleaning is not due soon. 

One of the most common signs you need air duct cleaning is mold growth.

You will also need to clean your air ducts as soon as possible if you see a visible increase in dust, dirt, and pet hair in your home. Furthermore, if you and your family are suffering from respiratory problems, you might need to get your air ducts cleaned. 

Here are more details about the signs that will tell you that you need to clean your air ducts.

When do you need air duct cleaning?

Clean air ducts improve the airflow and air quality inside a house by filtering the air. It also helps the HVAC units to work at their peak, improving the comfort level and energy efficiency of your home. So you must clean your air ducts regularly to reap the full rewards of your air ducts. 

But sometimes, there are a few signs, that will appear before your regular air duct cleaning time, which will tell you that you need to clean your ducts ASAP. These signs are: 

1. Dirty Home

One of the telltale signs that your air ducts are dirty is when your home is dirty. If you continuously clean your home, but still see a lot of dirt, dust, pet hair, and dander in your home, there is a very high chance that your air ducts are dirty.

Dirty air ducts can’t filter the air properly, which causes the air supplied inside your home to be dirty. 

If your home doesn’t become clean even after you clean them, get your air ducts cleaned. 

2. Visible growth of Mold

Mold is one of the most common and serious issues regarding air ducts. If your air ducts have leaks, water seeps through them. This causes mold to grow inside your air ducts.

If you see signs of mold around your air vents, this will mean that the mold situation has become too dire. In this case, you should promptly clean your air ducts. 

3. Pest Infestation

Air ducts are frequently visited by pests such as rodents and insects. These pests nest in the ducts, reproduce there, and also die there.

This causes the air ducts to be clogged, and the airflow to be restricted. You will also be attacked by various diseases if these pests live in there for too long. 

If you sense there are any animals and insects in your air ducts, get the ducts clean immediately. 

4. Foul Smell

A consequence of mold growth and vermins inside your air ducts is a foul odor coming from your ducts. Mold has an earthy smell, and if you have pests, your house will reek of dead bodies and excretion.

This not only indicates your air ducts are infested, but it also makes your home smell horrible. 

Once you start to smell something acrid in your air ducts, hire a professional air duct cleaning service to clean your ducts. 

5. Health issues

Unclean air ducts give rise to many health issues among the inhabitants of the house. If you have too much dirt in your home, it will give rise to dust allergies. Additionally, mold, especially the more toxic ones, such as black mold, will also cause serious breathing problems, including allergies. 

So, if you or your family members are regularly having allergic reactions without any apparent reason, your air ducts might be at fault, and you have to clean them. 

6. Energy inefficiency

The final sign that you will need to look out for to clean your air ducts is the energy inefficiency of your home. Dirt and clogged air ducts prevent the HVAC units from working properly.

As a result, they have to work harder to supply adequate air to the room. This causes them to use much more energy than before, which makes the home energy inefficient. 

Also, since your HVAC units have to work extra hard due to clogged air ducts, they will end up being worn down much quicker.

This will result in your having to repair them much more frequently. Clean your air ducts if you see your energy bills skyrocketing. 

Final Words

To ensure you are not late to clean your air ducts, you need to always look out for signs you need air duct cleaning. To get the best, and most effective air duct cleaning service, call us today!

signs you need air duct cleaning


How often should air ducts be cleaned?

In general, you should clean your air ducts every 3 to 5 years. But if you live in a dusty area, or you have a commercial building, you should clean your air ducts more often.

Can I clean the air ducts myself?

It is not recommended that you clean your air ducts yourself, since it needs skills and experience. But if you really have to clean your air ducts, here is our guideline about DIY air duct cleaning that you can follow.

How long does the air duct cleaning process take?

Usually, it takes a professional between 2 to 6 hours to clean air ducts. This time depends largely on the size of the house, the work that has to be done, the number of ducts, etc. 

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