Learn How To Prepare For A Chimney Sweep In 6 Easy Steps!

April 10, 2023
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how to prepare for a chimney sweep

While fireplaces have a big role in making winter enjoyable, they come with a few drawbacks. Burning wood in the fireplace creates a lot of ash, smoke, and creosote, as well as carbon monoxide, all of which are released into the outside air by chimneys.

These chimneys need to be cleaned regularly to keep your home safe and healthy. Then the question comes “How to prepare for a chimney sweep?”

Despite chimney cleaning being done by pros, you as a homeowner, have to take the necessary preparation so that the cleaning procedure is smooth and safe. First, you have to stop using the fireplace for at least 24 hours before cleaning it. You also have to declutter the area around the fireplace, and also let the cleaners know if you have any concerns. 

Let’s take a detailed look at how to prepare for a chimney sweep. 

Preparing for the chimney cleaning process

prepare for a chimney sweep

Chimney cleaning is a tricky job, as it has to be cleaned from both the inside and outside.

This is why it is best to leave your chimney cleaning job to professionals. But despite that, homeowners have to take a few steps to prepare for a chimney sweep. These steps will ensure that the process of chimney sweeping is smoother for the professionals. 

Here is how you can prepare for a chimney inspection and cleaning. 

1. Not using the fireplace

fireplace inspection

One of the most common questions we face before chimney sweeping is “Can you have a fire before chimney sweep?”.

Let’s take a look at that. 

Before professionals commence fireplace cleaning inspection, you have to ensure the fireplace is totally cold. The best way to do this is to not use the fireplace for at least a day or two before the cleaning.

Since the temperature inside the fireplace can reach around 600 degrees Celsius, not ensuring the fireplace is cold won’t allow the professionals to gain access to the chimney. 

2. Cleaning the logs from the fireplace

cleaning fireplace

Once the fireplace is cool enough, you need to ensure that the fireplace is clean enough so that the cleaning team has no issues reaching the chimney from the inside of your house.

You should clean any piece of the log from the fireplace to make sure of that. This will give them a clean space to work in, while also providing them with a steady foothold during chimney cleaning inspection.

3. Decluttering the area around the fireplace

Decluttering the area around the fireplace

Chimney-sweeping professionals will need clear and unobstructed access to your fireplace so that they can properly clean your chimney. To ensure that, you have to declutter the area around your fireplace. Take away all the furniture around the fireplace and store it somewhere else.

If some pieces of furniture are too heavy to move, make sure you cover them properly. 

Also, you have to declutter the mantle of your fireplace. As much as you like to decorate the mantle with various decorations, these decorations can be a nuisance to the cleaning team.

Also, they can break, or get damaged during the chimney sweep process, so keeping them away is the best option. 

4. Informing the cleaning team of any of your concerns

chimney cleaning team

Unclean chimneys are full of creosote, and soot. The longer you don’t clean your chimney, the thicker the creosote layer will be. As a result, detecting any damage to the chimney will be very difficult for cleaning professionals. 

So, if you have any concerns regarding your chimney, or the fireplace, such as weird smells, increased amounts of ash and smoke, health concerns, etc, you should let the cleaning team know about it. This will expedite the repairing job of the cleaning.

Also, the cleaning professionals will be able to keep themselves safe from any unfortunate situations. 

5. Keeping your pets and children safe

Keeping your pets and children safe

As we have mentioned above, chimney sweeping professionals need clear and uninterrupted access to the chimney and fireplace to clean them properly. If you have children and pets in your home, and they are running around the house, this will not allow the cleaning team to work properly. 

Apart from obstructing the cleaning team, the pets, and children running around are dangerous for them as well. When the chimney is cleaned, a lot of ash and debris fall through the chimney into the house. This ash is very harmful when inhaled. 

So, to avoid all these, you have to either put your pets in the backyard for the duration of the cleaning, or you have to keep them in a pet daycare. Also, for your children, you need to keep them in another room, or at a friend, or relative’s home. 

6. Keeping the elders safe

Chimney cleaning is a noisy procedure. If you have elderly people in your home, then they might be deeply stressed and bothered by the noise made by chimney cleaning.

It will be better if you keep them at a relative’s house until cleaning is over. 

Final Words

Knowing how to prepare for a chimney sweep will go a long way to ensuring that your chimney as well as the fireplace will be ready for the next winter. It will also keep you and your home healthy and free of fire and health hazards.

So, book our chimney sweeping service today without waiting any more. 


1. How messy is chimney sweeping?

In theory, chimney sweeping can be pretty messy, as the ash and dirt fall inside your fireplace from above. But the best chimney sweeping services make sure the mess is as little as possible. 

2. What questions should I ask a chimney sweep?

Since chimney sweeping is very important for your home’s safety, you should always ask a few questions to the cleaners. These questions include:
– Will they inspect other flues in the house other than the chimneys?
– Is the chimney only full of soot, or is there a creosote as well?
– How long will cleaning the chimney take?

3. How long does a chimney sweep take?

Usually, it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to sweep a chimney, but the time might vary depending on a few factors such as the scope of work. 

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