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Dryer vents play a vital role in your daily life and enable you to wear washed clothes within the shortest probable time. Our goal is to provide the best dryer vent cleaning Tampa service for your convenience.


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Dryer vents, despite their usefulness, can be a source of various problems in your homers. Clogged dryer vents make the clothes dry slower. 

Also, the lint that is produced from drying clothes is highly flammable, and the dry, hot air inside the dryers makes them a fire hazard. Apart from that, if the dryer vents are not cleaned regularly, you run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which can turn fatal. 

All of these reasons necessitate you to hire our Tampa dryer vent cleaning service. 

Our dryer vent cleaning are Services in three-steps

Step 1

We’ll inspect the vents and give you an estimate of the scope of the work as well as the charge

Step 2

We will arrive on the fixed date and clean your dryer vents. 

Step 3

Once the vents are cleaned, we will also repair any damages your dryer vent has suffered.

Our dryer vent cleaning Case Study

A few weeks ago, we were contacted by Amanda, a housewife. She had been having trouble drying clothes with her dryer, as it was taking ages to dry even a small number of clothes. She also told us that whenever she used the dryer, she was having trouble breathing. 

We arrived at Amanda’s home as soon as possible, as the situation demanded quick action. We inspected the dryer and found the dryer vent to be completely clogged by lint and dirt. This meant that not only the lint as well as the dirt was causing the dryer to take a longer time to dry clothes, but the vent being clogged also meant that carbon monoxide gas was being released inside the room. 

We promptly cleaned up all the lint from the lint trap and cleaned up all the dirt from the duct. We checked the vent for any sign of mold growth, but fortunately, there weren’t any. Amanda’s quick thinking and awareness allowed us to respond and work quickly, potentially saving her and her family members’ lives. 

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When Do dryer vents Need to Be Cleaned?

Dryer vents take all the hot and moist air from inside the dryer and release them outside. As a result, your clothes dry faster, and your house remains comfortable and safe. On average, you need to clean your dryer vents once or twice a year, but sometimes, these signs will tell you to hire a dryer vent cleaning Tampa FL service as soon as possible.

Your clothes are not drying quickly
Clothes are hot to the touch
You smell something is burning
The lint flap is clogged
The dryer stops working altogether
Dryer Vent Cleaning

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