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Your dryer isn’t designed to work against a clogged dryer vent. If the dryer duct isn’t regularly cleaned, a variety of negative impacts can present themselves:

1. A clogged dryer vent pipe resists the flow of exhaust. This causes the dryer to get hotter than it’s designed to, placing undue stress on every component inside the dryer. This can lead to a shortened appliance lifespan and increased repair costs.

2. A dirty dryer air duct keeps the dryer from operating at peak efficiency. Every time you have to re-start your dryer to finish drying laundry, excess energy is used.

3. The excess heat resulting from uncleaned dryer duct vent is particularly dangerous because it can cause a dryer to catch fire without warning. Dryer fires can spread through dryer ducts and laundry facilities extremely fast, and occur in homes and businesses thousands of times every year.

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Chimney Sweep Services

Chimney Sweep Services

A standard cleaning ensures the removal of flammable creosote from the fireplace system (chimney flue, smoke shelf/chamber, damper area, firebox and cap).

Chinney Repair & Replacement

Chinney Repair & Replacement

Chimney crowns and chase tops are covers that protect your entire chimney system from the elements. A chimney crown is a masonry layer that covers the top of your chimney.

Chimney Inspections

Chimney Inspections

At Airduct Now, our chimney inspection services are the most important part of our job. And unlike many of our competitors, we have chimney inspectors on staff who have been certified by Airduct Now.

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Most Common Signs of Chimney Damage

Unusual white stain across the brick of a chimney

Cracked or Deteriorated Mortar Joints

Some smoke get back inside your home

Cracked or Melted Crown

Deteriorated Flashing

Wallpaper & Paint Damage Near Your Chimney

Dryer vents with long runs often have many bends and pressurized air may not be enough to move debris out of the line. Our certified technicians will assess the situation for you with an air flow reading, develop a cleaning strategy to remove your debris, and follow up the service with another air flow reading to ensure the debris has been removed.

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The air duct to your dryer vent needs to be thoroughly and professionally cleaned on a regular basis to prevent fires and keep your dryer running effectively. Our dryer vent duct cleaning service will reduce fire risks and extend your appliances life span. Scheduling with your local dryer vent cleaning company a dryer exhaust vent cleaning once a year is recommended. Lint is highly flammable, when you pair a highly flammable material with a high heat situation (clogged duct), the results can be disastrous. Our dryer vent duct cleaning cost comes with an air flow inspection and fire hazard inspection to ensure after there is good air flow and no more blockages. It’s a great dryer vent cleaning deal.

Sometimes a duct cleaning isn’t all your dryer needs. Our technicians are experienced and are able to perform dryer vent duct repairs too. So weather you need your air duct repaired, re-routed, or to schedule an air duct cleaning – give us a call for a professional air vent cleaning service.

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