Chimney Old

If you have never had your chimney cleaned, your home and family could be at risk. Flammable deposits of creosote need periodic removal to prevent a dangerous chimney fire!

DOES YOUR HOUSE SMELL LIKE SMOKE? Let us help you with our dust-free chimney cleaning service, and our EXCLUSIVE DEODORIZING SERVICE! State of the Art Process and Equipment insures the cleanliness of your home…GUARANTEED.

DOES YOUR FIREPLACE SMOKE WHILE USING? We can help you solve that problem too! Our 44 years of experience, and huge arsenal of tools guarantees you’ll get rid of all that soot and smoke.

WAS YOUR CHIMNEY DAMAGED IN THE 1994 NORTHRIDGE EARTHQUAKE? Our State-of-the-Art CHIM-SCAN® Video Inspection System provides a close up view of any cracks that may exist inside your chimney. Our professionally trained technicians can mitigate any problems based on the NATIONAL FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION FIRE CODE-NFPA 211, AND THE LOS ANGELES PUBLIC SAFETY/BUILDING CODES.

High Quality Chimney And Fire Protection Services

✔ Chimney Safety Inspection
✔ Concise Inspection Reports
✔ Camera Chimney Inspections
✔ State-of-the-Art Dust-Free Chimney Cleanings
✔ Mechanical (2nd stage & 3rd stage) Creosote Deglazing
✔ Smoke and Odor Problems

✔ Specialized Fireplace Repairs & Restorations
✔ Chimney Brick Water Sealing
✔ Fireplace Brick or Stone Facing Steam Cleaning
✔ Quake Damage Inspections
✔ Sales & Installations of Safe-T-Pro™ Stainless Steel Chimney Cap Spark Arresters-Lifetime Warranty
✔ Sales & Installations of Air-tight Stainless Steel Dampers-Lifetime Warranty

✔ Pressurized Smoke Testing
✔ Combustible Gas Leak Carbon Monoxide Testing
✔ Sales & Installation of Highest Quality Realistic Gas Logs & Ultra Modern Fire Glass
✔ Sales & Installation of Fireplace Screens & Glass Doors
✔ Sales of Fireplace Accessories

✔ Authorized Lock-Top™ & Lymance™ Air-tight Damper System Installer
✔ Wood Burning-To-Gas Burning Fireplace Conversions
✔ Gas Burning-To-Wood-Burning Fireplace Conversions

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