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Air Duct Now is a certified, insured, Located in the local area, and provides an air duct and HVAC cleaning firm for Residential homes. We specialize in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), cleaning of ventilation systems and air duct cleaning, using the latest technology. Our team uses powerful gas vacuums and special HEPA negative air machines to clean air ducts and ventilation systems around the area. We also provide Indoor Air Quality assessment and are able to test Mold, Allergens, Odors, VOCs, and other air quality issues at our lab. Our air quality specialists offer air purification and filtration systems to improve your air quality

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Air Duct cleaning

Residential Air Duct Cleaning: Air duct Now provides flat-rate pricing. Our price is based on the total number of supply and return air vent registers within your home. Give us a call now, and we will provide you a free air duct cleaning estimate.

Cleaning lint from dryer screen

Dryer vent cleaning

educes chance of dryer vent fire. When the dryer is used, over time lint will collect and adhere to the inside of the dryer vent walls. The larger the buildup, the larger the risk of having a dryer vent fire.

Chimney Cleaning

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Cleaning Your Air Ducts Will Provide Instant Benefits.

Better Air Quality

Air duct cleaning prevents health issues by increasing the air quality within your home. It’s no secret that pollutants live inside your ducts and that’s what you’re breathing in daily. A deep clean will help combat the spread of dirt, germs, pollen, dust etc.

Higher Efficiency

Your HVAC system will run more efficiently when you have no dust or other pollutants blocking the airflow from a heater or an air conditioner. This not only puts a strain on your system, but it requires more energy to run which only leads to higher energy bills.


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