A Guide To How To Prepare For Air Duct Cleaning

March 23, 2023
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how to prepare for air duct cleaning

Air ducts are integral to the health, hygiene, and cleanliness of your home. As they filter out the dirt, dust, and other allergens from the air of your home, they can get clogged up. This is why you should hire a professional air duct cleaning service to clean your air ducts.

But before the pros arrive to clean them, you must know how to prepare for air duct cleaning. 

The first step to preparing for air duct cleaning is to ensure the area around the vents is decluttered. Next, you should also declutter the area around your furnace. You should also make sure the air duct cleaning professionals you are hiring are licensed and insured. Finally, you must decide where you will keep your children, elderly, and pets. 

Let’s take a look at how you can prepare for air duct cleaning. 

How should air duct cleaning preparation be taken?

air duct cleaning

Air ducts take the air we use inside the house as well as commercial buildings and filter it. Then they cool or warm the air by passing it through the HVAC units and then circulate it back into the rooms via air vents present all over the house.

As the ducts do this, they can get clogged by all the dirt and dust they filter out. 

When you want to clean your air ducts, you should hire professionals like us, at Air Duct Now. But even though we will do all of the cleanings, you still have to prepare for the cleaning procedure. This will ensure everything goes smoothly during the cleaning process.

Here are a few steps you should follow for preparing for duct cleaning. 

Decluttering the area around the vents

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For the cleaning professionals to properly work in the air ducts and clean them, they have to gain clear access to the ducts. The best way to access these ducts is through the air vents.

So, before air duct cleaning professionals arrive, you need to declutter the area around the vents and store items somewhere else until the cleaning is done. 

Decluttering the area around the furnace 

The air duct cleaning procedure also involves cleaning the furnaces of your home. The furnaces are a part of your air duct system as well, so they also need to be cleaned. And to do that, the professionals will need clear access to these areas.

So, make sure you clean the area around your furnace and cover any furniture you can’t move. 

Deciding where to keep your children and elderly

The air duct cleaning procedure is a time-consuming one, and this might be quite stressful for your elderly as well as children. Especially, since the HVAC units have to be switched off during the process, the elderly might suffer the most.

On top of that, children running around your house will not help matters as they can be quite a nuisance for professionals. 

Apart from that, when your air ducts are being cleaned, a lot of dirt and dust are produced. If you don’t keep your children away during the cleaning of your air ducts, this dirt and dust might cause health issues for them.

Considering all of these, you should keep your children and elderly at a friend or family member’s house during the procedure. 

Deciding where to keep your pets

If you have pets, then you have your work cut out, regarding where you will keep them during the cleaning process. There are a few ways you can tackle this pet problem.

First, if you have a backyard, and the professionals tell you that the cleaning will not take much time, then you can keep your pets in the backyard. But if the pets are not suited to your backyard, and the procedure takes a long time, then the sound and displacement might stress them out.

In that case, you can put them under the care of a family member or a friend, or you can keep them at a pet daycare. 

Ensuring whether the professionals are insured and licensed

This is one of the most important parts of the preparation for air duct cleaning. Since the air duct cleaning process is a time consuming and somewhat expensive one, people often are on the lookout for a cheaper solution.

Some professionals claim they can complete the cleaning in under two hours and for a much cheaper price. 

If you come across these types of professionals, you should stay away from them. You must only hire professionals who have the necessary licenses and insurance policies to clean air ducts.

Since cleaning air ducts deals with your precious ducts and the HVAC system, the professionals must have insurance to cover you in the case of any damage. 

We, at Air Duct Now, provide licensed and insured air duct cleaning services, so that you and your house can remain healthy and clean. 

Final Words

Knowing how to prepare for air duct cleaning is very important in ensuring the professionals can do their work properly. Once the pros arrive, you have to ensure you do everything in your power so that they can properly clean the air ducts in your home, which will ensure your home’s health and cleanliness. 


1. how long does it take to clean air ducts?

Usually, cleaning air ducts takes between 2 to 4 hours. But depending on a lot of factors such as the size of the duct network, the size of the house, etc, the time might vary. 

2. Is air duct cleaning messy?

In general, the air duct cleaning procedure shouldn’t be messy, as the professionals will take care so your items don’t get dirty when the ducts are being cleaned. But inevitably there will be a lot of dirt and dust produced during the cleaning which can make the procedure messy. 

3. What to expect from air duct cleaning?

Expect your air ducts as well as the HVAC units to be properly cleaned during air duct cleaning. Also, expect the cleaning process to last between 2-4 hours. 

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